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Please fill in your choice at the three Gigs: If there is space, and you want to join the group at these Gigs, (or not join), and your name is not on the list please add your name, email, and answer Yes or No by EACH  Gig, press RETURN. If you are uncertain put a ? when you will be placed on a Reserve List. 

If later you want to remove your name from a Gig list, find your name on the list, by clicking on the small arrows, putting No to the Gig you want your name removed, press RETURN.

The Number of Players may be limited depending on the venue and will be advised accordingly.


Any gig additions or notifications after a cut off date will be notified via Email.

In order to operate a "fair" system those members who are on the "Reserve" list will have priority for recording their name on a future Gig List.


Our Next Session          21st June   

© 2021 Created by MCP Ukes On The Edge  UOTE Kinver

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