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The following 2 songs are the ones we looked at changing the key during last Friday's session, please bring along the song sheets for the new key as well as the previous key.

Can't Help Falling In Love [UB40] (F/2) now (G/1) - pdf attached.

Arms Of Mary (F/3) now (G/1) - pdf attached.

In addition to the above and if we have time I would like to try and look at 'Walking On Sunshine' which I originally wrote out in 2017 but I don't think I issued it or we ever tried it?? 

It's another 'Anthem' type song that lots of people know and can join in with.

The strumming pattern is important in this song so please listen and play along to this YouTube video which is in the same key as I've written it out in, pdf attached.

Also there's also a video which explains the strumming pattern, advance the video to around the 3.20 time where the strumming is shown.


  1. In accordance with the latest u3a requirements I now require everyone to let me have an emergency contact name and telephone number, there will be a form to fill in at Friday's session.

  2. Please bring your Kinver u3a membership card with you on Friday so that we can check these against our list.

  3. Can everyone please make sure that you tick the Attendance Register as well as paying your £1.00 attendance fee when you arrive as we now have to send a copy of this to the Treasurer together with the attendance funds at the end of each month.





On The Road Again (F/2)

Maxwell's Silver Hammer (C/1)

Sea Of Heartbreak (G/5)

Meet Me On The Corner (G/1)

A Fool Such As I (C/2)

C'mon Everybody (D/1)

Take It Easy (G/5)

Walk Of Life (D/1)

I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (G/4)

You're Sixteen (C/1)

Some Days Are Diamonds (G/3)

Dance The Night Away (F/2)

Elvis Rock 'n Roll Medley (A/1)

Johnny Cash Medley (G-C/4)


Hot Stuff/The Letter Medley (Am/P2) - pdf attached 

Waterloo (D/P1) - as per last Friday's session the key has been changed, now (F/P1) - pdf attached.

I Can See Clearly Now (D/P1)

You can either print or download the songs by clicking on the underlined songs listed above, and by clicking on the PDF files shown on Dropbox.

Songs can also be found in DROPBOX                listed under:  PROVISIONALS


Our Next Session

      9th June 2023

  1.30pm to 4.00pm   

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