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Hello Folks,


Please find attached the seating plan etc. for the festival on Friday, I've also attached the attendance register for reference, the seating should tally with this.


You should arrive at the KSCA/Edward Marsh Centre by 11.45/12.00 and please remember to bring your ticket with you.

When you get there you should make your way directly to the UOTE seating area in front of the stage to register and then you can set up.


All bags, cases and anything that is not required during the song sessions should be stored in the designated area which will be advised when you arrive, DO NOT store these under your chairs as it could be a potential trip hazard and we don't want anyone to get injured.


Following the 'Welcome' by Rod Marshall and Chris Thompson, Kinver will start the festival with the communal songs  'Don't Think Twice It's All Right' and 'On The Road Again', you can use the Festival Songbook for these or the UOTE song sheets that you normally use.


Pershore will follow Kinver and they will first perform their two 'solo' songs followed by leading a communal singalong of 'At The Hop', 'Hello Mary Lou' and 'I Wanna Be Like You', following Pershore will be Stourbridge who will do their solo spot followed by their singalong choices and so on........ 


The format for the day will follow the programme that I've issued and attached again, the Festival Songbook is also in the correct order for the communal songs, you won't need any other song sheets other than those that are highlighted in yellow on the Festival Programme PLUS the UOTE song sheets for 'The Boxer' and the 'Status Quo Medley' which are our solo spot songs.

You can use the UOTE song sheets for all of our songs, solo spot & communal songs, if you prefer.

Please do not bring along a file full of your usual UOTE songs as you won't need them, you only need song sheets for the songs being done on the day (22 songs) excluding the other groups solo spot songs. 


Following Kingswinford there will be a break for tea/coffee and cake.


Kinver will close the Festival with our solo spot plus our three communal songs.


A number of us will be at the KSCA by around 11am to set up the chairs and tables, we would very much welcome 2 or 3 extra helpers to do this. 

Also help will be required at the end of the festival to pack everything away.


It is recommended that, where possible, you car share as there will be a lot of cars on the day and as it is a public car park it can get very busy.


Any questions please get in touch.

The dress code is the usual UOTE gig attire, coloured shirts/blouses and black trousers/skirts etc.






Our Next Session          24th May   

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